As a 'Shamanic Practitioner' or Medicine Woman, I work through ceremony and ritual, mythology, hands-on-healing and divination, to achieve healing outcomes. (Healing includes expansion & connection)

I offer; Shamanic Healing (soul health & soul retrieval), Australian Sweatlodge, Woman's Business, Cycle of Nature & Moon Ceremonies, energy clearings of land and dwellings, divination, Vision Quest and shamanic teachings & workshops.

I live & work in Bermagui, Far-South Coast NSW, Australia.  (Scroll below for more)

Shamanism is an age old and powerful healing tradition that is re-emerging into mainstream western society today.  Shamans are people who are concerned with the health of the Soul, for individuals, communities and beyond. A healthy Soul allows life force to flow to Us and guide us, connecting us with our truth, our integrity, directing us onto a path that most enriches us, the path of OUR UNIQUE JOURNEY and PURPOSE.  The path that makes us feel most fulfilled and happy in this world.  The Path of the Heart.

As a Shamanic Practitioner, Medicine Woman, I am skilled and practiced in the health of the Soul .. this is what I offer .. this work is The Path of My Heart.

As an Australian Medicine Woman, I am embedded in the mythology and dreaming of this land of Australia.  I work within an Australian Dreaming Wheel.  I have been consciously training and working in healing ways for well over ten years with Shamans.  I have had the privilege of working intimately with Dr Rafael Locke, initiated Shaman and founder of The Spirit of the Earth Medicine Society ( ), Pauline Sepetauc (now passed over) and attended many workshops and ceremonies in Australia and all over the world.  I have been through a Shaman's Initiation.

My beliefs are how I work.  We are Nature. We are divine amazing wondrous magical beings and have much potential.  We are caretakers of this planet, this beautiful place and all its creatures, Mother Earth.  Earth is a living, communicating and vibrant Being.  I am a 'Sacred Ecologist'.  I believe there is a spiritual and very sacred arm of the Ecology movement. 


I work as a Shamanic Practitioner in Bermagui, Far-South Coast NSW, Australia.  I offer client soul healings, run regular Sweatlodge, Cycle of Nature Ceremonies,  teachings & courses, as well as trips such as Vision Quest.  I am deeply involved in Woman's Business.  All these spiritual practices open our heart to Truth, our integrity and connects Us to all our resources we need to live an abundant life. 

A full and rich life is Our Birthright ... it is there for ALL of us ... no one is exempt ... Shamanism is integral to stepping back onto this path of walking in Full Vibrancy.